Where we are...Cape Carteret, North Carolina 

Elevation: 19.69'   Area: 2.614 mi
population: 2,403 (2019)

On a GPS map, Cape Carteret's location is Latitude 34.688951  Longitude -77.066942

Cape Carteret shares a post office with the neighboring town of Swansboro, NC. Our zip code is 28584-9725

On the Golf Course Side:
On the north side of NC 24, located off Taylor Notion Road, the entrance to Star Hill Drive leads to  the Golf Club Side of "Star Hill Golf and Country Club" residents. Star Hill Golf Club with its golf course and swimming pool is privately owned. However, a pool membership is available to the public and the golf course is open to the public on a daily fee basis. 

On the Sound Side: 
The Sound Side known as "Country Club Point" is located on the south side of NC 24. The entrance to Country Club Point is on Channel View Court just past Seashore Lighting as you are headed east on NC 24. 

For an index list of  streets in Star Hill & Country Club Point, click here.

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